Safes & Panic Rooms

At Cork Locksmiths we are the experts when it comes to safes, electronic locks , cash rooms etc. Our team are available for safe installation, repairs, upgrades etc. It is now more important than ever to secure your assets. We can offer advice on what level of security would best suit your needs.


At Cork Locksmiths we work with clients on all types of safes. Safes can be installed in homes or business all across Cork, Waterford and Kerry. Our team can take a look at your existing safe (if you have one) and provide you with an assessment and quotation in regards to upgrading. Safes come in grade 0 – 5. We offer a drill opening service in the event you are locked out.

  • Deposit / Drop Safes

  • Fire proof safes

  • Document Safes

  • Data Safes

  • Free standing Safes

  • In floor safes

Panic Rooms

At Cork Locksmiths, we also specialise in panic rooms. These can be installed in homes or business, anywhere where one requires additional security. These are made from a combination of a 10ml steel plate and concrete. Panic rooms are locked with multiple dead bolts, to ensure maximum security. Panic rooms can only be opened from the inside, with additional security features in the event the occupier suffers from any emergency health related incident once inside. Our panic rooms consist of:

  • Steel Walls & Ceilings

  • External ventilation

  • Concrete for additional security

  • Ability to reach emergency services

Call Cork Locksmiths today to find out how we can help you create a safe room for you and your family.